Albums or Singles?

I read an article recently about the album format being dead. I partially agree with this, with the exception being that I still like to buy music in album format, and I think (can't say I know) that many of you - fans of my music style - also like to buy albums rather than singles. 

Am I correct? Do you prefer albums over singles?

Before reading the article I had sort of started thinking about putting out songs as singles. Part of this reasoning is so I can get music out to you sooner than the 1 to 3 years it usually takes me to release the next album. But then I think about my personal view of an album being a moment in time; my songs (in album format) typically are cohesive and can be heard at one sitting without there being a "disruption" of mood. Whereas a bunch of song singles could wind up being non-cohesive and jog the listener around in mood once compiled into a playlist on their favorite streaming medium.

Ah, streaming. It is now how much of the population listens to music. This also has been part of my thinking process with regard to releasing singles rather than albums. [I'm honored that] a lot of folks pick particular songs [from an album] of mine to add to their multi-artist streaming playlists. Hmm. Maybe putting out song singles is okay since folks are not, due to streaming playlists, hearing my songs in the context of an album.

On one hand I would love for you to hear my newest songs as soon as they're recorded. On the other hand my head is kind of stuck in the old-school album format.

I would honestly appreciate your thoughts.

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