Awesome Reunion Show & Next Focus

Up until Saturday, November 3rd (2018), my focus was on rehearsing with my band from the 1990's for a reunion show. That day came, the show was awesome, and all of us were very happy with the end result. Many folks who remained fans all these years were in the audience as well as some folks who heard us for the first time and let us know how much they enjoyed the music.

Now I'm going to shift my focus to putting together some songs, enough for an EP, in the Rock genre that I've had "on-the-shelf" for a few years; they're bits-n-pieces left over from the Strong Horse album I did with Steve Rushingwind back in 2013. One fun aspect of this project is my grandson Ethan will be the drummer. He started playing at age 3, while the band was together, and is now 22. My son-in-law Eric may also join me, and perhaps my guitar mentor from the high school days.

My next project is Medicine Sunn. Two guitars, bass, drums and vocals; simple straight-ahead rock.

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