Bold Move - No More CDs (sort of)

I am making a bold decision that has actually taken me several years to finalize.

A friend of mine suggested, based on his own experience, that rather than get my CDs manufactured in the typical way - packaged in a jewel case with all the usual fixin's - to just get the disc made and then package that in a clear vinyl slipcover.

For a long time I have opposed that idea because I felt that someone buying a CD would want more than just the disc; they'd want the pretty pictures and liner notes too. I do think this is still the way folks who buy CDs like to get them.

But now my decision is being made on the declining CD sales over the past few years. Honestly, I sell about 10 CDs per year. Whoa! Yeah, I stayed with my belief that folks who enjoy my music would more likely buy a CD than listen to my music via streaming services. However that has not been true for at least five years.

So I am finally deciding that my albums, in CD format, will be self-packaged in a recycled cardboard jacket like shown below. I will include liner notes too, printed at home and cut into size, on recycled paper. On the front side of the disc jacket I will write my name and album title. The CD will still be professionally manufactured.

I hope no one wanting to purchase a CD will be turned off by this new way of packaging. It kind of makes it more unique. :)

Currently there is a special offer on my website to get my first two albums, Clearly and The View From Here, in their original packaging for only $5 with free shipping. Of my other albums, there are a few copies of each available in their original (jewel case) packaging too. Once these are sold I will be switching over to the new packaging.

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