Current Focus

I said back in January (2018) that "First" would be my next album and it would probably be released by mid year.  Well, if you're reading this then you know that album is yet to be released.  My focus has been so broken this year with things other than music.  My wife and I moved to (what we'd like to be) our final home, which hopefully will not change again.  This move has kept me busy with projects and such that I've not been able to find enough uninterrupted time to finish recording "First".

Now, another activity gaining my attention is a possible reunion gig with my former band from the 1990's, Purple Mountain Matinee.  If this is going to happen, and it does look promising, then my music time needs to go toward relearning about 24 songs, enough for us to perform two sets.  I am looking forward to this happening but I know it pushes back the release date for "First" possibly into next year (2019); we'll see.

Thank you for your patience with me. :)

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