No, I'm Not on Social Media...

...and I'm happy. :)

I tried Facebook for a while, that was several years ago. Although my page received a good response I just never felt right about it because it was being used only to promote my music, something I had read that indie musicians should do. Doing all those "buy this now" or "free for your email address" posts wasn't my heart, I didn't like the pushy promotional aspect. I much more enjoy getting emails from folks or conversing with them at a performance than anticipating purchase responses to my dumb posts.

I never tried Twitter; though I thought about it for a few minutes. It seems like it's too much to keep up with. And that's the thing about social media - it would require so much time to stay continually visible. Heck, I don't even send out a newsletter but once or maybe twice a year. How could I come up with enough content to tweet every day or several times a day!?

Could it be that I'm just lazy? Nah! I would rather get an email from you, or talk with you in person at one of my performance (though that's only possible if you're in SoCal [for now]). I'm happy not being on social media. :)

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