Health Concern Affecting Playing

You know, I really don't mind getting older. But some of the health issues that might come with it can be annoying. <grouchy face>

A few months ago I had a recurrence of something that has now caused my driver license to be suspended. The bad part about this is living 73 miles away from where my job is located and having to accommodate the situation. But let's put that aside and talk about some other aspects of "the incident".

The heart has been checked and it's okay. Arterial blockage is not a problem. However, something in the brain is amiss. One aspect of this is called a tremor - involuntary movement.

Another aspect: I have noticed, and of course not said anything, for about a year and a half that something is off with my guitar playing when it comes to Fingerstyle. Not all cylinders are firing and my fingers don't do what they're told, or the brain isn't telling them any longer what to do. I will soon have an EEG and an MRA to determine, I hope, what exactly is going on and what might be done to minimize or stop the advancement of conditions.

I have at times felt sad over this; especially when trying to play. I am thankful though that Fingerstyle is not my only musical creativity, and I've been composing other music I've wanted to do for a long time.

In a few weeks I will learn the outcome of the tests. In any case I will continue to do music, with or without the guitar.

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