Something Different 

For quite a number of years I have had some song/composition ideas that would get worked on every now-and-then when I would revisit the rough recordings and say to myself "oh yeah, I like this" then proceed to work on them further.  They're non guitar based and don't quite fit into the "normal" of what folks have come to know of my music.

During the last couple of months I got into working on a number these compositions and really enjoyed it.  I even composed some new ones.  This has culminated in an album I released under the moniker Shadows of Clouds, and the album is titled Earth. 

I tag the style of the music as ambient, chill-out, drone.  And if you think about it, some of these qualities are in my "normal" music as well so I think these songs are kind of an extension of that.

Currently you can listen to it on the S.o.C. page and download it for FREE at Bandcamp.  It is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, CD Baby and other outlets.

Below you can listen to the track Depth Of The Sea from the album.

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