Mighty One
Faithful God
My Breath
Here Am I
Gentle Love
Before Me Ever
The Heart Within
Your Presence
Beautiful Mercy

December 18, 2012

The album title comes from a sentence in the Shane Claiborne book The Irresistible Revolution in which he writes “…the mystics remind us that Christianity is less of a theory and more of a romance. May they awaken each of us with the Ancient Whisper that St. Francis heard in Assisi…”.

The songs in this recording are a collection that were composed as instrumental songs of contemplative worship, the kind that hearkens back to the days when folks more so knew what ‘contemplative’ meant. In these modern times (and Western civilization) I think we may have forgotten the importance of intimately connecting with our Creator.

It refers to the quiet voice of our Creator that we become accustomed to when our worship of Him becomes intimate and contemplative. With a whisper our Creator is louder than the mightiest of rushing waters. What happens to us in intimate contemplative worship is more than what may be accomplished in a lifetime of simply attending church services.

All songs composed by
Michael Mucklow

All Instruments
Michael Mucklow

Bass on “Mesmerized”
Dean Cerny

Arranged, Produced and Mixed by
Michael Mucklow

Mastered by
Andy Rogulich
High Fidelity Mastering

Graphic Design
Michael Mucklow

Shawnn Davis (
Handcrafted cross on back cover art.

Copyright 2012 Mucklow Productions / ASCAP