Released November 4, 2008

Using the theme of healing and quieting the soul as a thread running through the music, it makes for a real connection with the listener.

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Album Notes

Here’s a little secret: this album was initially released as 2nd Groove. It was not well received unfortunately. So a couple years later I cut four songs from the original album and repackaged it as Forty-Six:Ten. It’s actually done better since making this change.

This album is a total breakaway from Fingerstyle guitar. Every few years I get the itch to compose multi-instrument songs. Still, this music maintains the mellow contemplative style people have come to associate me with.

There’s not a lot of acoustic guitar here since at the time I was playing a semi-hollow electric. Drums, bass, guitar, piano, synth and flute fill out the instruments on this recording. There’s even a Didgeridoo on Weeping Spirit.


All songs composed by
Michael Mucklow

Dean Cerny

Vocalization on Weeping Spirit
Amara Alban

Didgeridoo on Weeping Spirit
Thomas Alban

Flute on Your Help & Deep Within
David Shook

Photos by
Susan Mucklow

Copyright Michael Mucklow / ASCAP
Publisher Mucklow Productions / ASCAP