I think for me music gear is simply a means of getting to the end of an album project road. Must be why I have had so much stuff over the years and gotten rid of a lot - in the least that's how I justify it. :)

Acoustic Guitars: Electric Guitars: Amps/Pedals:
Yamaha SLG200S Epiphone Les Paul Studio Fender Acoustasonic 90
Yamaha SLG200N Carvin AE-185 Zoom AC-2
Ibanez AC240 Hofner Shorty CT (bass) Joyo American Sound
Recording: Misc: Strings:
Zoom R8 Weeklyhouse Cigar Box Guitar (4 string) Acoustic: John Pearse 710NM
Reaper on a MacBook Pro Alesis Q25 Nylon: John Pearse 1200 Firm Tension
iLoud Micro Monitors   Electric: John Pearse 2600 Jazz Medium
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm   Electric: John Pearse 2610
Zoom H1n   Bass: John Pearse 6000 LIght
Zoom PS-04    

Acoustic Guitars: Electric Guitars: Amps/Pedals:
Alvarez classical (my first guitar) Gibson Les Paul (1974) Kustom head (tuck & roll covering)
Suzuki dreadnought Ibanez Iceman Acoustic 104 cabinet (six 10's)
Ibanez dreadnought (all maple body - 70s) Ibanez Destroyer Risson LTA-100 half stack
Epiphone dreadnought (bolt-on neck) Ibanez ST50 Randall RG 80-112SC
Ibanez dreadnought (high-end) Ibanez AM205 Fender Princeton Chorus
Seagull S6 Epiphone Dot Roland Street Cube
Seagull S12 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
Yamaha APX9 Epiphone Les Paul Special I Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
Takamine SC130C Raven RG-1000 Ibanez HD-1000 Harmonizer
Epiphone dreadnought Cort CL200 Zoom MS-70CDR
Cort Earth 200 Cort CL1500 TC Electronic Flashback Mini
Cort Earth 600 Cort M200 Ernie Ball VP Jr.
Cort Earth 700 Cort M800 Zoom MS-50G
Cort Earth 900 Ibanez AM73 Zoom G3
Cort CEC5 Peavey Predator Digitech JamMan Solo XT
Raven AC/EL (thin body) Hofner Shorty (guitar)  
Breedlove SC/R Ibanez AM53 TBR  
Larrivee OM-05MT Yamaha PAC112V  
Taylor GS5 Monoprice Califonia Classic (Strat style)  
Martin OM-28 Yamaha RBX170EW (bass)  
Tacoma Thunderhawk Ibanez AS73 VLS  
Trinity College TG-10    
Godin Multiac Nylon SA    
Walden G570    
Walden G1070    
Walden G2070    
Walden N530    
Yamaha FGX700S    
Yamaha APX-6NA    
Alvarez AP66ESHB    
Yamaha APX500iii    
Lucero LC200S    
Recording: Misc:  
Radio Shack 8-track (stereo to 8-track carts) Dulcimer (4 string)  
Tascam Porta 05 (4-track cassette) Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel  
Zoom PS-02 Casio CZ-101 (synth)  
Zoom MRS-4 Roland D5 (synth)  
Fostex VF-16 Boss DR-220A (drum machine)  
Roland VS-2000CD Alesis HR-16 (drum machine)  
Rode NT1-A (my favorite mic) Alesis MMT-8 (sequencer)  
Tascam DP-006 Alesis SR-16 (drum machine)  
Zoom H4n Yamaha keyboards  
  Hora Irish Bouzouki