I think for me music gear is simply a means of getting to the end of an album project road. Must be why I have had so much stuff over the years and gotten rid of a lot - in the least that's how I justify it. :)

Acoustic Guitars: Electric Guitars: Amps/Pedals:
Yamaha SLG200S Epiphone Les Paul Studio Fender Acoustasonic 90
Yamaha SLG200N Carvin AE-185 Zoom AC-2
Ibanez AC240 Ibanez AS73 VLS Zoom MS-50G
  Hofner Shorty CT (bass) Zoom G3
    Joyo American Sound
    Digitech JamMan Solo XT
Recording: Misc: Strings:
Zoom R8 Weeklyhouse Cigar Box Guitar (4 string) Acoustic: John Pearse 710NM
Reaper on a MacBook Pro Alesis Q25 Nylon: John Pearse 1200 Firm Tension
iLoud Micro Monitors   Electric: John Pearse 2600 Jazz Medium
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm   Electric: John Pearse 2610
Zoom H1n   Bass: John Pearse 6000 LIght
Zoom PS-04    

Acoustic Guitars: Electric Guitars: Amps/Pedals:
Alvarez classical (my first guitar) Gibson Les Paul (1974) Kustom head (tuck & roll covering)
Suzuki dreadnought Ibanez Iceman Acoustic 104 cabinet (six 10's)
Ibanez dreadnought (all maple body - 70s) Ibanez Destroyer Risson LTA-100 half stack
Epiphone dreadnought (bolt-on neck) Ibanez ST50 Randall RG 80-112SC
Ibanez dreadnought (high-end) Ibanez AM205 Fender Princeton Chorus
Seagull S6 Epiphone Dot Roland Street Cube
Seagull S12 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
Yamaha APX9 Epiphone Les Paul Special I Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
Takamine SC130C Raven RG-1000 Ibanez HD-1000 Harmonizer
Epiphone dreadnought Cort CL200 Zoom MS-70CDR
Cort Earth 200 Cort CL1500 TC Electronic Flashback Mini
Cort Earth 600 Cort M200 Ernie Ball VP Jr.
Cort Earth 700 Cort M800  
Cort Earth 900 Ibanez AM73  
Cort CEC5 Peavey Predator  
Raven AC/EL (thin body) Hofner Shorty (guitar)  
Breedlove SC/R Ibanez AM53 TBR  
Larrivee OM-05MT Yamaha PAC112V  
Taylor GS5 Monoprice Califonia Classic (Strat style)  
Martin OM-28 Yamaha RBX170EW (bass)  
Tacoma Thunderhawk    
Trinity College TG-10    
Godin Multiac Nylon SA    
Walden G570    
Walden G1070    
Walden G2070    
Walden N530    
Yamaha FGX700S    
Yamaha APX-6NA    
Alvarez AP66ESHB    
Yamaha APX500iii    
Lucero LC200S    
Recording: Misc:  
Radio Shack 8-track (stereo to 8-track carts) Dulcimer (4 string)  
Tascam Porta 05 (4-track cassette) Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel  
Zoom PS-02 Casio CZ-101 (synth)  
Zoom MRS-4 Roland D5 (synth)  
Fostex VF-16 Boss DR-220A (drum machine)  
Roland VS-2000CD Alesis HR-16 (drum machine)  
Rode NT1-A (my favorite mic) Alesis MMT-8 (sequencer)  
Tascam DP-006 Alesis SR-16 (drum machine)  
Zoom H4n Yamaha keyboards  
  Hora Irish Bouzouki