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TAB: (It Feels) Timeless




Product Description

Two guitar tabs are provided in PDF file format. One is tab only, the other is tab and standard notation.

A 320k MP3 of the song is included with the tab.

My tabs do not indicate a tempo. This is because there is usually an ebb-n-flow when I play which can be heard in the mp3. I think a guitarist will better learn the song by having the audio file provided in addition to the tab.

NOTE: I have done something different on this tab where strumming is concerned. Rather than indicate the actual down and up strums I have simply placed 1/4 note slashes. I have also included chord diagrams when there is strumming. I hope this works for those who purchase this guitar tab; if not please let me know and I will revise the tab to show the actual strumming pattern used in the song.


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